Why Our LEDs?

StrikingLED Lighting Solutions for Cars and Trucks

StrkingLED was born from having closed a deal of 2 million dollars with the Toronto Transit commision, designing LED lights for the street cars.

We saw the need of offering real DATA, real specifications to the people becuase 99% of the products advertised in Amazon, Ebay, etc. simply hold fake data. this is how we became a supplier of High Quality Headlights, Turn Lights, Signals, and Switchbacks in the USA and Canada

Forget your old incandescent light bulbs and replace your automotive lamps with our LED lights!

StrikingLED is a leading automotive lighting supplier in Canada and the US, committed to providing high quality and durable lamps for cars, trucks, and other vehicles at competitive prices. With over 20 years of experience in dealing with LED lighting solutions since 1996, you can be sure that you are getting the best LED products here.

StrikingLED offers a wide selection of special voltage automotive lighting. Our LED fixtures for cars and trucks include high quality headlights, signals, switchbacks, turn and tail lights, as well as miniature wedge lights. Our inventory also offers fog and brake lights, dome and dashboard lights, daytime running lights, license plate and side marker lights, decoders, and sockets.

Why Purchase our LED Lights?

Car owners from Canada, and USA are now switching to LED lighting, simply because LED headlight and other bulbs have a number of advantages over incandescent lighting that are very attractive for automotive use: LED headlights and switchbacks are not sensitive to vibrations

  • LED lamps light up much faster than incandescent bulbs
  • LED lights are very safe for the headlight and the contacts.   
  • LED turn lights have the ability to have 2 tones, just like all brand new vehicles.
  • LED bulbs provide more light per watt than incandescent light bulbs.
  • GOOD LED headlights are brighter than Xenon and of course halogen headlights. LED is the technology keeps spending millions of dollars to make it even brighter.

Why Choose StrikingLED?

StrikingLED has broad experience in automotive lighting and LED technology industries. Our company boasts strategic partnerships with other trusted LED manufacturers, which let us give you more than just high quality headlights, signals, and switchbacks for your cars and recreational vehicles. Best of all, we give a 2-year warranty on our customers.

Interested parties may send an email to for inquiries about our products and services. You can also reach our office at 5195851533. If you want to check out our LED headlights, switchbacks, signals, and turns lights, visit us at 581 Lancaster St. West Kitchener, Ontario N2K 1M52 CA.