About Us

StrikingLED Lights for Cars

The Best Supplier of Bright and Durable LED Lights for Automotive Brake, Tail, Fog, and Interior in the USA

StrikingLED is one of the leading suppliers of high quality LED car lights in USA. A sister company of Infinitum Energy, StrikingLED is a trusted name in the transportation industry as a wholesaler of interior and exterior lighting. Our goal is simple: to provide durable and bright LED lights for automotive that will make your vehicle extra noticeable.

Why do most car owners in the USA, Canada, and Mexico choose us?

Our company offers the best LED lighting solutions by:

  • offering special voltage lighting for cars, trucks, motorcycles, trains, forklifts, and other vehicles requiring a working lighting voltage under 50 V DC
  • having strategic partnerships with leading LED light manufacturers that allows us to bring you more than just bright and durable light bulbs for your cars' brake, tail, fog, or interior
  • designing custom lighting solutions for any specific or difficult application you may have
  • constantly improving our light source and heat dissipation technologies to bring you the best value for your money, with the backing of a 2-year warranty on your investment

As an expert in automotive lamps and recreational LED products, such as tail, fog, and brake lights, StrikingLED also provides unparalleled knowledge and awareness of the automotive lighting market. We will guide you from the selection and application process for your LED lighting solutions. It is a tough job to know what the most efficient and cost-effective product available is, but StrikingLED will certainly help you find ways to find durable LED lights for your cars from various cheap counterparts.

For inquiries about turn or tail lights, brake or fog lights, and other automotive interior LED for cars, send a message at or call our USA office at 5195851533. For easy online shopping, just click the “My Account” tab to register.